Clarity in the Darkness

The media has been inundated with information and opinions about the recent tragic massacre in Connecticut.  I add no information, nor opinion to the mix.  Instead, I hope to bring clarity to the darkness.
In darkness lies the human soul
Completely wrapped wicked sin
No knowledge of the deathly toll
Content to rot, decay within.
Our scand’lous souls would shift the blame
That weighs so firmly on our backs
Blind to our guilty tarnished names
Convinced our souls are not so black.
So lost are we, our souls rebuff
The slightest hint of truth or light.
We cower back into the bluff
That hardens our eternal night.
O Wondrous Light, dispel the dark
Break through the veil that hides our hearts
Make shadows fly by holy spark
Enlighten every darkened part.
Disperse the dark, the night shall flee
For as you quicken shadowed souls
The light dissolves the dark debris
Majestic brightness now controls.
These souls, enlightened by the Son
Soon shine, reflecting to the world
The glory of the brightest One
The Truth, the Light of Lights unfurled.
Lord Jesus now we need your light
Eyes of Fire, and Righteous Blaze
Cast out the darkness, make us right.
Though we would hide, arrest our gaze.
The darkness cannot fight the glow
That shines from us, in whom You dwell
So make us brighter lights to show
This world needs You to make it well.

About Lance Augsburger

Loving and serving my Savior, Jesus Christ by studying, teaching, and preaching His Word - living under the Text.
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One Response to Clarity in the Darkness

  1. tbwilli79 says:

    I really appreciated this…very well-worded. I heard a commentator on Fox radio asking a psychologist what can be done about the evil that’s “out there” and he hem-hawed all over and said something to the effect that those who do right must prevail and do more right and hope that evil diminishes! That is just not even a possible equation! So, thanks!

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