White as Snow

I just finished a leisurely walk through not-quite-blizzard conditions. Stop biting your nails, I was bundled up, from head to toe, like I haven’t been since elementary school. I wasn’t even cold. In fact, I enjoyed the walk. As I tromped haphazardly along, I was mesmerized by the falling snow, the eerie silence apart from the wind, and the perfection of the packing snow. Indeed, I was in elementary school again. As my snowballs missed target after target and my arm grew tired, I soaked in the white beauty of winter. So white. Is there anything as white as snow?
Oh yes, there is. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18. What can bring this kind of cleansing? “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” There is hardly a more impressive thought than the cleansing of our wicked souls to white purity. As snow. This is no simple feat. It required the blood of the Son of God – God the Son – Jesus. How rarely we value the cleansing we’ve received and how often we flippantly contaminate the snow! May the snow that God gives us this winter make us ever grateful for cleansing provided through His Son. Glory be to God for we are as white as snow.

About Lance Augsburger

Loving and serving my Savior, Jesus Christ by studying, teaching, and preaching His Word - living under the Text.
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