Faith Students

As the Dean of Men at Faith Baptist Bible College, much of my time in thought, study, and conversation centers around the lives of Bible college students.  This page is meant to be a specific help to them.  Here they can access various resources for their benefit, and to help them live life as a college student under the Text.  Anyone is welcome to browse this page and the links here, but keep in mind much of this is geared toward college students.


College Life – This link pulls up various posts about life as a college student at Faith Baptist Bible College.  You’ll find discussions of various current topics, tips for college success, and reminders to help stay focused.

Book Reviews – This link collects the various book reviews I’ve written.  Hopefully they’ll be a help to you as you seek to reed with discernment.

Things Students Can Do – This link pulls up all of the posts regarding life as a student under Faith rules.  This includes lists of movies, video games, music, etc. that students can enjoy (these lists are not exhaustive).


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